About George Street Normal School

What parents say about our school:

“I have had 3 children go through GSNS and it has set them up for a great start in life educationally.”

“Lively and enthusiastic teachers, well mannered children, zero tolerance to any bullying behaviour, good music education available, good to have junior school separate.”

“I often recommend GSNS to other parents for its values based education, extension programmes, communication with parents, strong music and performance focus.”

“Excellent learning environment; mature teachers in age and experience.”

“Vibrant, busy, opportunities at all levels from sport to scrabble, to ICT and language learning.” 

“Very supportive and proactive, forward thinking school.” 

“Great location, great cultural mix, and the kids really enjoy it.”

What the Education Review Office (ERO, 2016) say about our school:

"Teachers know children very well as individuals and learners. They carefully and regularly consider children's wellbeing and learning needs when planning learning programmes. Teachers frequently evaluate how teaching is impacting on children's learning and what can be improved." 

"The cohesive and experienced leadership team very effectively supports children's achievement and wellbeing, and teachers' professional practice. These leaders set and model high expectations for teachers and children. They closely monitor and analyse children's achievement, engagement and wellbeing and use this information to plan for improvement. " 

"The school’s achievement information shows that a very high percentage (over 90%) of children reach the National Standards (NS) in reading and mathematics, with a significant number achieving above the NS. The percentage of children reaching the NS in writing is slightly lower (approximately 80%). The data shows that generally girls outperform boys in writing. Children for whom English is a second language make very favourable rates of progress to reach the NS."