GSNS Cross Country

Tue 03/08/2021 - 10:30am to 12:30pm

Our GSNS cross country will be held on Tuesday 3rd August  (postponement Thursday 5th August) down at the Alhambra Union rugby grounds (North Grounds).  Children will need to wear warm clothing, layers of which can be taken off before running and put back on after the race.  They will also need to bring a named drink bottle, and an inhaler if required.  Parents and caregivers are welcome to watch the races, however please stand behind our children so that everyone can see.

Race times are approximately as follows;

10:30 am  Year 3 Girls           10:40 am Year 3 Boys

10:50 am Year 4 Girls            11:00 am Year 4 Boys

11:10 am Year 1 Girls             11:15 am  Year 1 Boys

11:20 am Year 2 Girls             11:25 am Year 2 Boys

11:30 am Year 5 Girls             11:40 am Year 5 Boys

11:50 am Year 6 Girls             12:00 pm Year 6 Boys

12:10 pm Return to school 

In preparation for the Cross Country, parents can help by:

  • Encouraging your child to run and exercise regularly
  • On the day, give your child a larger than usual breakfast and something 'extra' in their lunch box
  • check that your child has a named drink bottle
  • name all clothing and make sure layers are easy to put on and take off
  • check that you child has clothing and footwear suitable for running and pack a spare pair of shoes to wear in the afternoon.