Clubs and Activities

All children at George Street Normal School experience a rich arts and cultural programme. In addition to the classroom delivery, co-curricular groups, that generally operate at lunch times, are formed as ages, staffing and numbers allow. Children are invited to participate in the following activities:

Junior Team Choir

Practices (Friday 12.30pm) in Kindle 1 during Term 2 and 3 and performances as arranged.

Contact Teacher:  Bronwyn Macgregor 

No Cost

Junior Makey Makey Club 

12:45 p.m. on Wednesdays in Term 2. 

Contact Teacher:

Nichola Ferguson

Middle Team Choir

Details to come...


Trumpet, Cornet & Trombone lessons in Room 8A on Wednesday afternoons.

Private tuition cost and instruments for hire.

Contact Teacher: Dr E. Moore 027 289 6570 or email

Cost:  Group lessons (3 max) $10 per lesson and $40 bond for plastic instruments.


Children in Years 3-6 have the opportunity to learn chess and play against each other.

Meets on Fridays at 12.45pm in Term 1,  upper level of Te Puna Ako.

Contact Teacher: Sam Hamilton

No cost

Years 3 - 6.  Practices Wednesday 12.30pm Term 2 & 3

Contact Teacher: Leanne Stanton

Drama Club

Children in Years 3-6 have the opportunity to play drama games, learn short scenes and put on mini performances, each Wednesday at 12:45pm in Room 8 in Term 3. 

Contact teacher: Helen Spain

Kapa Haka

Children in the senior classes have an opportunity to get involved with practices on Wednesday at 1:30pm. 

Performances as arranged.

Contact Teacher: Keith Mulholland 

No cost

Pasifika Performance

Practices Thursday at 1:30pm. Performances as arranged.

Contact Teacher:  Claire Spencer

No cost


Details to come



Piano and keyboard lessons at times to be arranged

Contact Teacher: Mrs Diane Martin  ph 467 5400

Private tuition cost

Saturday Morning Music

Held at George Street Normal School on Saturday mornings during term time. A variety of instruments to choose from and hire ($80 per year). Lessons are 1 hour. 

Contact Teacher: Mrs S Hobbs ph 477 2296  

Cost $80.00 for the year

Spanish Classes

Spanish lessons for children in Years 2-6.  Meets on Tuesdays at 8:00am in the Learning Hub.

Contact:  Diana at  or phone 021 259 6612

Scooter Club


For children in the Junior Team.  Meets on Thursdays on the junior courts at 1:00pm during Term 1 and Term 4. 

Contact Teacher: Michele Dakers 

Children to have their own scooter and a helmet.

No cost

Science Club


Children are welcome to join this group for budding scientists.

Year 3-4 children will meet on Tuesdays or Fridays in Georgies at 12.45pm in the first part of Term 3. 

Year 5-6 children will meet during the last few weeks of Term 3 and the first few weeks of Term 4.

Contact teacher: Michele Nicolau

Enviro Kids


Meets by the jungle gym on Fridays when there is a project announced in the morning notices.

Contact Teacher:  Megan Greer

No cost

Artists Alive


Year 3 and 4 children who love to draw, fold, paint and create artworks are welcome to join Artists Alive.  Meets on Tuesday at 1:00pm on the Senior Side in the Maker Space.

Year 5 and 6 children will meet on Thursday lunchtimes.  

Contact Teacher:  Helen Spain  

No cost

Philosophy Club



Children in years 2-6 will view short videos on science, technology and global topics. They will debate issues, discuss 'big' questions and learn how to challenge the viewpoints of others' in respectful ways. Meets on Tuesdays in Room 7 at 12:30 in Terms 2 & 3.

Contact Teacher:  Michelle Hunt                                     

No cost

Construction Club


All children on the Senior Side are invited to use the school’s Lego or other materials in the Maker Space to design and build.  Meets on Thursdays or Fridays during Term 3 at 12.45pm in the Maker Space.

Contact teachers:

Catherine Smith

Megan Greer

All children on the Junior Side are invited to use the school’s Lego in Room 4 on Tuesdays  - Term 3 at 12:45pm.   

Contact teacher: 

Sarah McKenzie


Jump Jam


Meets at times to be advised beginning in Term 2.  For children in Years 2 - 6.  

Contact Teachers: Claire Harper 

Grace Dore




Children in Years 2-6 on the senior side will have the chance to develop the basic concepts of programming to create some animated computer games using tools such as Scratch, Lego Mindstorms and Sphero.

Meets on Mondays at 12:45pm in the upper level of Te Puna Ako in Terms 2 and 3.

Contact Teacher: Keith Mulholland

No cost



If you like participating in STEAM (Science/ Technology/ Engineering/ Arts/ Mathematics) challenges then you will enjoy being part of Epro8.  This club will happen on a Thursday from Week 4 on, in Term 3.

Contact Teacher: Sam Hamilton

No cost

La Petite Acadēmie      

It's French for Fun!

Fun French Beginners’ Classes Years 2-6:  The major emphasis is on communicating orally through the interactive use of fun games, song, role-play and ‘real life’ activities.

Meets on Tuesdays and Fridays at 12:30 in the Learning Hub. 

For more information, please email  Megan at or contact us on 022 358 2211. C’est si bon!

George Street Normal School Annual Cultural Events

  • Speech Contest (Term 2)
  • Team/School Production (Term 4)