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George Street Normal School JUNIOR TEAM

Kindle 1 with Mrs France:

Kindle 2 with Mrs Dakers:

Room 3 with Mrs Smith:

Room 4 with Ms Dunn:

Room 5 with Mrs Macgregor:

George Street Normal School MIDDLE TEAM

Room 9 with Mrs Wood:

Room 10 with Mrs Spencer and Mrs King:

Room 11 with Mrs McCulley and Mrs Smith::  

Room 16 with Mrs Phillips:

Room 17 with Mr Tamblyn:

Room 18 with Miss Dore:

George Street Normal School SENIOR TEAM

Room 6 with Mrs Gardner:

Room 7 with Mrs Hunt:

Room 8 with Mr Mulholland

Room 12 with Ms Harper:                                              

Room 13 with Mr Hamilton:

George Street Normal School MODELS

Model 2B with Mrs Henderson:

Model 2A with Ms Spencer:


Model 1B with Ms Nicolau:

Model 1A with Mr Ford:

George Street Normal School visit to GIFU in Japan

Gifu 2018: