PTA Bubble Fun Run/Walk

Compassion and Covid-19

The George Street Normal School PTA Bubble Fun Run/Walk

The George Street Normal School PTA Bubble Fun Run/Walk aims to raise funds for those in our community who have been adversely impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.  Compassion is the value of the term at George Street Normal School, and as a way to demonstrate compassion for those in need, we encourage George Street Normal pupils and their bubbles  to participate in our bubble fun run/walk.

How it works:

Choose one of the following distances to run/walk: 3km, 5km or 10km.   Then anytime from 3pm Friday 15 May until 6pm Sunday 17 May you and your child/children (and any others in your bubble) run/walk this distance. In the event of adverse weather conditions the run/walk can be completed the following weekend.

After the run/walk:

We would love you to share photos from your run/walk and tell us a bit about it, such as where you went, what you saw, and what you enjoyed about it.  You could even tell us how long it took you. It would be great to hear your ideas on other ways we might be able to demonstrate compassion.   You can enter your information via the following link


We ask that you make a donation which will go towards Family Works Otago for their foodbank. We encourage you to invite other family and friends to sponsor you by also giving a donation.   All donations can be made via the George Street Normal PTA Bank account. 


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