Principal's letter- level 2 -18 May

14 May 2020

Dear Parents/Caregivers

As promised here are some more details about how things will look and run at GSNS next week:

Naturally children will be wondering what school will be like - what will be the same, what will be different.  Here are a few things you can share with them.

Teachers/staff are looking forward to seeing children again.

Children will be able to use balls at playtime.

Children will be able to use the climbing frames and adventure playground.

Children won’t be able to use the drinking fountains and will need their own drink bottle.

There will be two different playtimes and two different lunchtimes.  All the Senior Team and Senior Models will come out and play first, then when they go in the Middle Team and Junior Models will come out and play.  This means children will have more space in the playground and will be mixing with a smaller number of children.  The Juniors will all go out at the same time.

Desks might be set out differently in classrooms so that they are spaced away from others.

Children will be reminded they should not share any belongings. 

Children will get very good at washing their hands as they will need to do this when they enter the class, when they leave the class, when they use shared equipment and before they eat.

Children will be reminded to keep out of what the Ministry of Education describes as other people’s ‘moist breath’ zone.  

Drop off and pick up will be different for a while.

Younger children 

We recognise that some of our younger children will need someone to accompany them to class.  While we are trying to reduce the number of parents/visitors to our school grounds, we recognise the need to balance this with children’s emotional wellbeing.  Therefore, for those of you who need to come onto school grounds, we will have staff on the entrance ways to the school who will record your details for our contact tracing register.  (NB:  The Duke Street Gate and the entrance by Model 2A will remain locked).  

At the end of the school day, the children on the Junior side can be picked up by a parent.  Once again they will need to have their details recorded by the person on the gate.  Please wait in a ‘supermarket line’ fashion outside the classroom, allowing sufficient space for children to exit/leave with their parent.  Teachers will look out for parents and allow children to leave the class when they see you outside.  NB:  To reduce congestion, parents can pick up Junior side children from 2:45 on.    Junior Georgies children will be collected as normal and brought over to the Senior side after school.  

Older children

At the beginning of the day older children will be able to come onto school grounds and go to their class as normal,  

At the end of the school day, if children are walking home unaccompanied, they may leave school earlier at 2:45 to reduce congestion at the school gates.  Please email your child’s class teacher to let them know that your child has permission to leave early.  Those children who normally go to the pick up zone can line up 1m apart on the white line at 3:00pm.   Those children who go to Georgies can go straight to Georgies at 3:00pm.  All other children on the main side of the school will be taken by their class teacher to the court area and will line up behind their classroom marker.  Teachers will be looking out for parents outside the school grounds and will let children know they can go when they spot the parent. 

Please ensure your child knows what they are to do at the end of the school day.

If you would like to talk with a staff member, please email them.  If you need to make a payment, please consider doing so online, to avoid having to come to the office. If you want to contact the office, their email is 

Hopefully this way of doing things won’t last too long.  Thanks for your ongoing support and understanding as we move into Level 2.  

Finally a plug for our virtual Fun Run/Walk happening anytime from 3pm Friday 15 May until 6pm Sunday 17 May. The PTA have organized this event to support our school-wide focus on the value of term - Compassion.  Details can be found in the latest school newsletter.

As always if you have any questions, I’m happy to be contacted.

Kind regards

Leanne Stanton

Acting Principal

George Street Normal School

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