Open Day 3 February 2021

On Wednesday 3 Feburary 2021 we have our first ever open day! 

You are welcome to pop along any time during 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. to visit your child's class and to meet their teacher.  This is a chance for you and your child to meet your child's teacher in a less formal way and to chat to them up on anything you'd like the teacher to know about your child.

From 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. there is a community BBQ provided by the PTA.  There will be Halal and gluten free food available.  

We look forward to catching up with you on this day.

Stationery lists for 2021

Dear Parent / Guardian,

Don’t wait, order back to school stationery now!

We’ve teamed up with OfficeMax to make getting school ready faster!  Our back to school stationery lists are already loaded and ready to go on the OfficeMax MySchool website Should you wish to view the stationery requirements please click the icons to the right and scroll through.

This year OfficeMax have introduced Laybuy*, so you can pay in 6 weekly, interest-free instalments - and still get your order right away.

We encourage you to order early to ensure your child has all their stationery requirements ready to go for the start of Term 1.  Don’t wait until mid-January when the ‘team of 5 million’ get home from holiday - order now and avoid the back to school rush. 

It’s easy to shop online at select your child's class (see back of child's report for 2021 room number) and follow the instructions on the easy-to-use website.

If you prefer you can call the OfficeMax MySchool team on 0800 724 440 Monday to Friday, 8.30am - 5pm.

OfficeMax makes it easy to get back to school ready with these great benefits

  • Free delivery on orders over $46*

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  • Save valuable holiday time - avoid queues and busy shopping malls by shopping online from the safety and comfort of your home

* Terms & Conditions apply, see for details.

 We look forward to your child having a successful start to the new school year!

Have a safe and restful holiday.


School donation

School donations

As a decile 9 school, George Street Normal School is not eligible for the Government donations scheme and we rely on heavily parent/caregiver donations to provide our full educational programme. 

In setting the 2021 budget, the Board of Trustees agreed to suggest a donation of $200 per pupil or $350 per family.  If you are able to make a donation we have a range of payment options available and payments can be made to the school office or directly to our school bank account (BNZ 02 0912 0320963 001). 

We are very grateful for your ongoing support.  Thank you to all parents/caregivers who have already made a school donation for 2021.

Principal's letter #3, 18 May

Monday 18 May 2020

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Thank you for everything you have done to support your child in having a successful return to school.  Thanks also to all the staff for their preparation prior to today.  The day has gone very well, with children and staff happy to be back. 

Thank you for your patience with having to go through the sign in process to enter the school grounds.  Hopefully this will only be a short term arrangement.  If you need to contact the school office to make a payment, our bank account number is 02-0912-0320963-001.

If you are able to help with road patrol in the afternoons from 2:45pm to 3:20pm while we are in Level 2, Mr Keith Mulholland would love to hear from you.

Today no one ordered lunches and on reflection this was a good thing.  If you could possibly avoid ordering lunches in Level 2, this would be helpful.  

To help our movement out of school grounds at the end of the day, the children from M1A and M1B will now exit from the Duke Street gate, unless they are required to go to Georgies or the drop off/pick up zone.  The parents of children in these classes will be emailed by the class teacher about arrangements.

Finally a reminder that if your child is sick and presenting with any of the COVID-19 symptoms which include a dry cough, high temperature, runny nose, sneezing and/or loss of smell, you are asked to keep them at home and ring Healthline on 0800 611 116 or contact your GP to get further advice.  

Kind regards

Leanne Stanton

Acting Principal

George Street Normal School

Principal's letter- level 2 -18 May

14 May 2020

Dear Parents/Caregivers

As promised here are some more details about how things will look and run at GSNS next week:

Naturally children will be wondering what school will be like - what will be the same, what will be different.  Here are a few things you can share with them.

Teachers/staff are looking forward to seeing children again.

Children will be able to use balls at playtime.

Children will be able to use the climbing frames and adventure playground.

Children won’t be able to use the drinking fountains and will need their own drink bottle.

There will be two different playtimes and two different lunchtimes.  All the Senior Team and Senior Models will come out and play first, then when they go in the Middle Team and Junior Models will come out and play.  This means children will have more space in the playground and will be mixing with a smaller number of children.  The Juniors will all go out at the same time.

Desks might be set out differently in classrooms so that they are spaced away from others.

Children will be reminded they should not share any belongings. 

Children will get very good at washing their hands as they will need to do this when they enter the class, when they leave the class, when they use shared equipment and before they eat.

Children will be reminded to keep out of what the Ministry of Education describes as other people’s ‘moist breath’ zone.  

Drop off and pick up will be different for a while.

Younger children 

We recognise that some of our younger children will need someone to accompany them to class.  While we are trying to reduce the number of parents/visitors to our school grounds, we recognise the need to balance this with children’s emotional wellbeing.  Therefore, for those of you who need to come onto school grounds, we will have staff on the entrance ways to the school who will record your details for our contact tracing register.  (NB:  The Duke Street Gate and the entrance by Model 2A will remain locked).  

At the end of the school day, the children on the Junior side can be picked up by a parent.  Once again they will need to have their details recorded by the person on the gate.  Please wait in a ‘supermarket line’ fashion outside the classroom, allowing sufficient space for children to exit/leave with their parent.  Teachers will look out for parents and allow children to leave the class when they see you outside.  NB:  To reduce congestion, parents can pick up Junior side children from 2:45 on.    Junior Georgies children will be collected as normal and brought over to the Senior side after school.  

Older children

At the beginning of the day older children will be able to come onto school grounds and go to their class as normal,  

At the end of the school day, if children are walking home unaccompanied, they may leave school earlier at 2:45 to reduce congestion at the school gates.  Please email your child’s class teacher to let them know that your child has permission to leave early.  Those children who normally go to the pick up zone can line up 1m apart on the white line at 3:00pm.   Those children who go to Georgies can go straight to Georgies at 3:00pm.  All other children on the main side of the school will be taken by their class teacher to the court area and will line up behind their classroom marker.  Teachers will be looking out for parents outside the school grounds and will let children know they can go when they spot the parent. 

Please ensure your child knows what they are to do at the end of the school day.

If you would like to talk with a staff member, please email them.  If you need to make a payment, please consider doing so online, to avoid having to come to the office. If you want to contact the office, their email is 

Hopefully this way of doing things won’t last too long.  Thanks for your ongoing support and understanding as we move into Level 2.  

Finally a plug for our virtual Fun Run/Walk happening anytime from 3pm Friday 15 May until 6pm Sunday 17 May. The PTA have organized this event to support our school-wide focus on the value of term - Compassion.  Details can be found in the latest school newsletter.

As always if you have any questions, I’m happy to be contacted.

Kind regards

Leanne Stanton

Acting Principal

George Street Normal School

Principal's letter to Parents 11 May

11 May 2020

Kia ora Koutou

Like me, I am sure you have followed with interest the announcements made by the Prime Minister. It is reassuring to hear how well our country has done at minimising the impacts of COVID-19.  Alert Levels 4 and 3 have not been easy and I thank you for your ongoing support for the work we are doing.

Today the Prime Minister advised that we are moving to Level 2.  Under Level 2 we have been told that our school environments are safe for children and staff and that additional public health control measures are in place to prevent the spread of disease and to support contact tracing.   

In accordance with the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education guidelines, on Monday 18 May, we will be ready to welcome all students and staff back to our school site.    

The overriding principles for Alert Level 2 are:

  • To minimise the risk that someone gets infected in the first place.

  • To ensure we can identify and contact anyone who has been in close contact with a person, if someone in school becomes infected.

  • Understand that Level 2 is not business as usual.


The following messages/measures are being reinforced with our school community;

  • Keep washing and drying your hands - regular verbal reminders, daily routines and posters will be used to reinforce this message.  

  • Cough safely - everyone will be reminded about how to cough into their elbow.

  • Keep surfaces clean - additional procedures and supplies are in place/have been accessed.

  • Keep at home if you are sick.  Under alert Level 2 we are advising any students and staff to stay at home if they are sick, even with a sore throat or runny nose, and we will send anyone home immediately if they show any symptoms.   If you have changed your contact details since the beginning of the year, please ensure the office has your correct phone number/email.  

  • Physical distancing - in a school setting this means maintaining a physical distance so that people are not breathing on or touching each other, where practical 1m distancing is being used as a guide.  Where physical distancing is hard to reinforce, such as some sporting activities and playtimes, an extra emphasis on handwashing and drying, before and after activities, staff and students coughing into their elbows and regular cleaning of equipment will become even more important.

  • Mass gatherings - educational facilities are not considered mass gatherings because they are managed environments.  This means there are no restrictions on numbers of people indoors or outside at school.   However we will not be holding our regular school assembly until further notice. We will continue to look at measures we can take to reduce children’s contact with a wide range of peers. 

  • Contact Tracing - As we have done in Alert Level 3, in Alert Level 2 we will know who is at school, who our staff and students have been in close contact with and take appropriate measures to keep everyone safe.  All visitors (including parents) will need to enter their details into a contact tracing register when they are on school grounds.  Access to the school for all visitors will be through the main office area.  If you have queries that can be dealt with via a phone call or email, please do so.  

Note that under level 2 our before school and after school care ‘Georgies’ is allowed to open.   They will be adhering to the same messages/measures as listed above.

Distance learning is available for those unable to attend school, for example who are self isolating. 

If a school has a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19, we will be instructed to close on an individual or group basis for 72 hours, to allow contact tracing, and then potentially for a further 14 days.

Things that you can be doing prior to children’s attendance at school; (click on link for helpful information)

  1. Ensure your child has their own named drink bottle, a container for their healthy snack and their own pencils.

  2. If your child is going to be absent, notify us ahead of time.   This can be done in one of three ways:  a) communication with your child’s class teacher, b) use of the skoolbag app, c) use of our school ring-in system.  NB:  It is important for us to know the whereabouts of all children as quickly as possible at the beginning of a school day.  You may find it hard to get through on the ring-in system, so having the skoolbag app loaded on your phone, ahead of time will be helpful. Information on how to do this is on our school website - ‘Parents’- ‘Download our school app’.

  3. Remind children to pack in their bags carefully any digital device or school resource that has been lent to them over Level 3/4.   These will be collected from the children by their class teacher when they arrive at school so we can clean them.

  4. We are aware that children will have had a range of experiences in lockdown and that the transition back to school will differ from child to child.  Please see the attached information ‘Getting Kids Ready for School after Lockdown’ which may have ideas to help you with this transition process.

As an aside, please be aware that the 40km per hour school zone may be operating when you return to school.  This is in the process of being installed.  

Communication between home and school will be of key importance in ensuring a good transition back to school.  If you have any questions about our health and safety measures, or have a child who might be vulnerable to serious illness and would like to discuss a plan for them, please don’t hesitate to be in contact with your child’s class teacher or myself.

As we continue to prepare for Level 2 and as new information is shared with us, we will continue to update you on our plans.

Ngā mihi     


Leanne Stanton

Acting Principal

George Street Normal School

PTA Bubble Fun Run/Walk

Compassion and Covid-19

The George Street Normal School PTA Bubble Fun Run/Walk

The George Street Normal School PTA Bubble Fun Run/Walk aims to raise funds for those in our community who have been adversely impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.  Compassion is the value of the term at George Street Normal School, and as a way to demonstrate compassion for those in need, we encourage George Street Normal pupils and their bubbles  to participate in our bubble fun run/walk.

How it works:

Choose one of the following distances to run/walk: 3km, 5km or 10km.   Then anytime from 3pm Friday 15 May until 6pm Sunday 17 May you and your child/children (and any others in your bubble) run/walk this distance. In the event of adverse weather conditions the run/walk can be completed the following weekend.

After the run/walk:

We would love you to share photos from your run/walk and tell us a bit about it, such as where you went, what you saw, and what you enjoyed about it.  You could even tell us how long it took you. It would be great to hear your ideas on other ways we might be able to demonstrate compassion.   You can enter your information via the following link


We ask that you make a donation which will go towards Family Works Otago for their foodbank. We encourage you to invite other family and friends to sponsor you by also giving a donation.   All donations can be made via the George Street Normal PTA Bank account. 


Reference Fun Run/Walk

Enter here:


For any further inquiries email

Covid-19 latest information from Principal- 20 April

20 April 2020

Dear Parents/Caregivers

My thoughts are with you as we continue down roads not travelled before, including all the obstacles that may or may not be presenting themselves.  Once again I would like to take this opportunity to publicly acknowledge the work that the staff are doing at this time in their preparation and delivery of distance learning, and in doing so the support that they are offering you and your families. Thank you also to parents/caregivers who have continued to support their children’s education in whatever way they can over this time and in the days ahead.

As you will be aware we have now been instructed that we will move into ‘Level 3’ as of Monday, April 27 at 11:59pm. For George Street Normal School, as for all primary schools, this means that if you are an essential worker or you are needing to return to work, and there is no other way for your child to be looked after, then they can come to school. School will start on Wednesday 29 April.  (Tuesday the 28th will be a Teacher Only Day).  As the Prime Minister has reiterated, If you can keep your children at home, you should do so.  

You will appreciate that school on site, will not be school on site as we have known it.  If your child is returning, please help prepare them for changes such as;

  • Increased vigilance around good hygiene habits - including coughing into arm, hand washing, 1 m distancing in class and 2 m distancing outside.  We will not hesitate to send anyone home who is unwell in any way. 

  • Possible change in classroom and teacher under Level 3.  NB: Initially there will only be 10 children per class/bubble.

  • Playtimes, arrival at school and departure from school that are at different times to the rest of the school.

  • Playtimes that look different, ie. no use of the adventure playground, no sharing of sports equipment, no sitting near each other.

  • Only using equipment such as pencils, laptops that are theirs/have been assigned to them.  If your child has their pencil case/own pencils at home they will need to bring these to school. Please make sure they are clearly named.

  • That should a case of COVID-19 be confirmed or linked to the school, school will close for 72 hours to allow contact tracing and cleaning, and then remain closed for potentially for a further 14 days.

In order to plan going ahead, we require you to email Mrs Stanton to inform her that your child will be attending school on a daily basis when school for children resumes on Wednesday 29 April.   Could you also provide comments on how flexible you could be around drop off and pick up times (ie. a time span). It would be good if you could let us know if your child/children will be attending before this Thursday 23 April, so that we can continue our planning with this specific knowledge.

Please note that our before school and after school care ‘Georgies’ is not permitted to happen during ‘Level 3’.

If you do want to come onsite at any time, for example, to drop a child off/pick them up within the school grounds, please adhere to waiting in a queue by the office door, standing 2 metres apart and recording your details on our contact tracing register.   We will have people entering through the main office door and leaving through the middle main school exit to ensure appropriate distancing is maintained as much as possible.  

We will continue to adhere to the advice of the Ministry of Education and Health and keep you informed as we move forward. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to be in contact.

Kind regards

Leanne Stanton

Acting Principal

George Street Normal School

021 262 9919