Junior Classes

Junior Team  
Acting Team Leader: Mrs Natalie McCulley (BEd, DipTchg)
Kindle Class Leader: Mrs Julia France (BA, DipTchg, CertTESOL)

Mrs Kaye Loretan - Reading Recovery teacher (TTC)

Miss Gwennyth Mitchell   DipTchg

Mrs Bronwyn Macgregor (BA, DipTchg, Dip Sec Tchg, ATCL)

Ms Jo Brooks (BA, DipTchg, DipTESOL)

Mrs Margaret Knox (B.Ed, DipTchg)

The early years of school life build a foundation for future learning. At George Street Normal School children form a positive attitude to learning and acquire important skills in literacy and numeracy as they work in their classes. At George Street Normal School we provide:

Kindle Classes

The first class a new five year old enters is called a ‘Kindle class’. The school logo is a torch burning brightly and the act of starting and protecting a fire is to kindle the flame – just like we support a young child as they make a carefully managed transition into life at our school.

A New Entrant Coordinator

We recognise the importance of the early years of education and at GSNS we have a Kindle class leader who ensures that each child makes a successful transition to our school. This teacher visits Early Childhood providers on a regular basis and organises pre-school visits for children once they are enrolled.

A Special Environment

The Junior classes are located in a separate, unique environment in which all the play equipment and teaching resources are designed for junior children and used only by junior children. This creates a delightful atmosphere ideal for this stage of development.

Discovery Time

During Term 2 and 3, children are encouraged to explore a variety of learning situations, from working with wood to exploring visual art using a range of materials. Teacher led goal setting and reflection relating to the New Curriculum Key Competencies are a major focus of this time.

Parent Forums

Parents are welcome to help at Discovery Time, attend Junior and whole school assemblies, visit on Open Nights, help on class trips, listen to children read, set up printing books, and join parent gatherings held during the year.