Parent Survey

George Street Normal School Parent Surveys

A selection of responses from recent parent surveys:

1. What do you like about GSNS generally / Are there examples of success you would like to mention?
Quality of Teaching
Strengths-based learning
Value of the Term
School Culture
Cultural Mix
Extension Programmes
Support Programmes
Parent Meetings
Junior environment
ERO report
Model classes
Sister school

Comments included:
“Teachers are committed to all students.”
“Teachers encourage children to grow lifelong community values and caring for others.”
“Wonderful, welcoming environment. Children are well cared for. Children have lots of opportunities to shine eg assemblies and sharing class projects.”
“Wonderfully ethnically diverse community promoting kind and caring values.”
“Great reading programme.”
“Good opportunities for sporting/cultural/academic.”
“Lovely caring teachers.”
“Good to have the choice of model classes.”
“Electives are a favourite of my child.”
“Teachers are excellent. Have a rally good rapport with my children. I like that GSNS teaches values and they follow through with lots of activities.”
“I like the reading curriculum and how leadership is taught in the classroom.”
“Value of the term is well understood by children and actively encouraged. I am continually impressed to have doors held open for me by the children.”
“Friendly, approachable, knowledgeable, dedicated teachers.”
“I really like the positive atmosphere in the school which results in a safe and enjoyable environment for the children. I also like the way assemblies are run.”
“You pay attention to the individual learning needs of the child rather than just catering for the average.”
“Teachers are professional and approachable.”
“Vey well balanced opportunities covering a wide range of disciplines.”
“The school provides quality programmes in curriculum and extra areas allowing many opportunities for our child that are of interest and motivating. Music is a particular family interest and is well catered for within the school community.”
“I like the opportunities that come with a large school, yet it maintains the friendly small school feel where teachers and Rod know the chidren’s names. Friday assembly is the highlight of my week – seeing happy, enthusiastic kids celebrating success and singing.”
“As a parent it has been really enjoyable to teach an activity for electives and be part of the school culture. The staff and pupils are all very welcoming. Love your assemblies and a great big thank you for letting us be part of it. You do an awesome job.”
“I am very glad that our children go to GSNS!”

2. If you were telling a friend about our school, what might you say?
“High standard of teaching, opportunities for learning.”
“GSNS is a wonderful multicultural school that focuses on values based education in positive, fun, exciting and friendly ways.”
“Support programmes are good.”
“Good variety with Models, Junior and Senior. Collaborative and independent activities – great school production.”
“Very supportive environment that encourages good learning outcomes. Well resourced. Friendly and caring. Lots of diversity which we love.”
“Great school, great teachers who understand my kids’ strengths and weaknesses – why home school when there’s George Street?”
“I like the motivated, driven school Principal and teachers. Strong in music programme and emphasising values.”
“Multicultural. We are impressed that Mr Galloway is so engaged with all the pupils ie. knows their names and about them.”
“It’s cool. Excellent school, motivated, caring staff, headmaster visible and involved leading the school forward.”
“Good leadership, therefore happy staff and pupils.”
“Big school but teachers know children well. My child is thriving and happy there.”
“The school has a no bullying policy and the school is run extremely well.”
“I am impressed at the dedication of the teachers and how values are taught (and mostly assimilated) also very music orientated and lots of clubs to choose from. Great job.”
“Diverse school and support the total well being of the child as a whole.”
“It is an excellent school which communicates well with parents and focuses on the overall growth and development of each child – not just the academic successes are celebrated and there are successes for every child.”
“Loads of opportunities – sporting, cultural, academic, music, social. Dedicated teaching staff.”
“George Street is a great school which caters for individual children’s needs as well as providing a holistic learning experience (excellent opportunities in music, arts, etc as well as literacy and numeracy).”