Senior Classes

Senior Team  
Team Leader: Ms Michelle Hunt (BA, DipTchg)

Mrs Claire Gardner (BEd, DipTchg)
Ms Helen Spain (BEd, DipTchg)
Ms Claire Harper (BEd, DipTchg)
Mr Sam Hamilton (BTchg, PGrad Cert)

There are five composite Year 5 and 6 classes that comprise the Senior Team at George Street Normal School. Children in the Senior Team are encouraged to participate in and transfer their learning across curriculum areas and the wider community. Self regulated learning, positive relationships and reflective goal setting are also emphasised at this level. Literacy and numeracy teaching still receives the greatest emphasis however curriculum areas are integrated wherever suitable. In addition, the following opportunities are provided for children in the Senior Team to facilitate rich, in-depth learning experiences and the adoption of key competencies:

Learning Detectives

Children are nominated by teachers, peers and themselves for this student leadership group. Every two weeks they visit classes and gather back as a group to share feedback from their assigned class with the intention of encouraging all children in the school to have a voice.


Children opt into an elective for the duration of a term. This happens for at least one term of the year. Often a showcase is held at the conclusion of the term to share what has been achieved. Electives provide many opportunities for children to independently set goals practising and reinforcing the key competencies of the New Zealand Curriculum in authentic contexts.

Cultural Activities

Children have the opportunity to join a number of cultural groups. Pasifika performance and Kapa Haka happen in school time as part of our programme for those who choose to be in these groups. There are also opportunities to learn musical instruments such as trumpet, piano and drumming.

Inquiry Learning

Our approach allows children the opportunity to develop the skills and techniques to gather information efficiently, classify and use it to create new understandings. Sometimes this will be as a whole class, sometimes as a collaborative group, and sometimes independently.  

Strengths-based Learning

Time is set aside for children to pursue, build and reflect upon their strengths. Formats will vary and may include: electives, inquiry topics, home learning or specific skill sessions. Participation in academic team and individual competitions such as regional and international Maths competitions, ODT Current Events quiz, regional Chess and Scrabble events and University of New South Wales exams are also encouraged to build upon children’s strengths.

Sports and Recreation Opportunities

These include a range of team sports, a Year 5 Adventure week and a residential camp for the Year 6’s.