Model 1B

Michele Nicolau (BEd, H DipTchg, PGDipTchg) - Senior Teacher

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Michele has a career-long and ongoing interest in investigating the latest research regarding teaching and learning and psychology.  Michele is trained in catering for the needs of gifted students, especially those who are twice exceptional or gifted plus. She works closely with parents to cater for individual needs.  She has been teaching in a junior Models class for many years and is a strong supporter of children developing their strengths and having a choice in their learning.  She believes learning through the arts, science and technology has a role in improving children’s well-being.  Michele enjoys creating dance and drama performances for families and planning project based learning topics for children, taking into account their interests.  This year Michele is teaching in Model 1B on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays with Shannon Eathorne.