What are Model Classes

Our Model classes are a special feature of George Street Normal School and reflect our association with the University of Otago.  A Model classroom offers the opportunity of a country flavour of education in a city environment.  There are four Model classes in our school.  Each Model has children covering three class levels, just like in many rural primary schools.


Junior & Senior Models:

There are two Junior Models for children in years 1 - 3 and two Senior Models for children in years 4 - 6.  

Model 1B (Y1 - Y3) and Model 1A (Y4 - Y6) operate as a pair.

Model 2B (Y1 - Y3) and Model 2B (Y4 - Y6) operate as a pair.

Each pair of Models functions similar to a two teacher country school.  The Models foster a 'family atmosphere' in which older pupils help care for their younger classmates (i.e. they develop a tuakana/teina relationship).



Admission to all Model classes is at the discretion of the Principal.  Consideration is given to:

  • the individual circumstances of the child concerned
  • requests made by parents for Models
  • the need to balance enrolments throughout the school including the number of pupils in various classes and the gender mix of classes
  • whether older family members are in Models classes.

As admission to the Models is restricted, parents who are interested in Models placement are urged to contact the school well in advance of their children beginning school. 


Quality Education:

Programmes of work taught and opportunities offered in the Model classes parallel those of the main school classes.  There are however additional benefits for some children being placed in smaller, mixed level groupings with greater individual attention.  All children in Model classes have the same opportunities as other similar aged children within the school for Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC), sports teams and cultural activities.  George Street Normal School is fortunate in being able to retain more than one form of class organisation for the benefit of children, parents, student teachers and teaching colleagues.