Current Vacancies

Current Vacancies

Head Supervisor - Georgies Before / After School Care Programme

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The Job Description is outlined below:

Head Supervisor - Georgies Before School / After School

Care Programme

Job Description - 2021

Administration Processes

  • Be on site from 2.45pm to 5.30pm Monday to Friday to run the After School Programme. Remaining hours to be worked onsite as much as possible.

  • Check in-tray at school office daily

  • Look at previous day’s booking to checking all children were checked in and out and follow up as required

  • Check messages on Office phone/Georgies cell/Georgies email daily

  • Check staffing levels, arrange for staff if needed/update roster daily

  • Assign tasks/duties/activities to staff daily

  • Health details are to be noted as enrolments come in, health concerns are to be passed onto staff as required

  • Data input of weekly statistics, all helping towards setting rosters weekly

  • Prepare School Board report monthly - due one week prior to Board meetings

    • The Board report must include any significant behavioural incidences, any significant injuries/accidents, any near misses / concerns re. Health and Safety

  • Budget appropriately within the allocated budget to be agreed with the Principal

  • Complete and sign off all staff time sheets and hand these to Executive Officer in timely manner

  • Keep Aimy + up to date

  • Create fortnightly newsletter and post at entrance to Georgies rooms

  • File all paperwork for After School / Early Bird each term

  • Keep as up to date as possible with new technology/software relevant to our programme

  • All resource shopping for After School Care

  • Ensure team members emergency contact details are kept up to date and if appropriate, ensure the team are aware of important medical concerns regarding team members

  • Work with the Principal/School Board on any disciplinary matters

  • Ensure compliance with the requirements of OSCAR accreditation


  • Ensure rooms are clean, tidy, resourced and organized for the days activities

  • Daily check for safety of outdoors area prior to the commencement of After School Programme

  • Daily check the room, toilet areas and outdoor bays and surrounding grass areas are clean, litter free at the end of each programme

  • Ensure there is enough food for afternoon tea. Make sure allergies are catered for. Purchase as required - preferably not at Willowbank Dairy

  • Food shop

  • Keep the kitchen and toilets clean and tidy throughout the programme

  • Ensure the walking bus is organized from the Junior block to the Senior site daily

  • Roam indoor/outdoor areas of Georgies to check everything is going well and identify with tutors their designated supervision areas

  • Be on call at all time to provide advice to Georgies staff members as and when needed

  • Responsible for all housekeeping with Georgies/M1A/hall/toilet blocks/ex. Dental clinic

Health and Safety

  • Ensure a roll is taken and any missing children are identified by 3:15 p.m.

  • Maintain a hygienic environment for food preparation throughout the programme

  • Regularly check and clean the toilets as required throughout the programme

  • Report any hazards to the appropriate authority when required

  • Keep staff informed of any health and safety changes

  • Ensure all staff are aware of, and complying with, the Georgies policies and procedures

  • Provide appropriate First Aid should there be any kind of accident/injury throughout the day as required

  • Log all accident/incidents and notify parents/caregivers of event as required

  • Health checks for children with needs/allergies - ensure open communication with parents/caregivers/staff as required


  • Communicate any concerns with children in a confidential manner to their families and the Principal as required

  • Ensure any family/staff information is only discussed within the facility

  • Ensure documents are safely secured


  • Ensure all new staff go through induction process and receive and/or are given access to the appropriate information/policies and procedures associated with Georgies Programme

  • Work with the Principal to recruit staff as required, including advertising, interviewing and contacting referees of any potential new staff member

  • Ensure all staff are Police vetted and do not work until a clear Police vet is received

  • Prepare and complete staff information forms

  • Ensure all staff are aware of and prepared for any high needs children

  • Communicate weekly with on site Supervisors to discuss any issues and to set the standard for the following week

  • Organise First Aid training for staff when required

  • Carry out staff appraisals

  • Participate in Head Supervisor development/training if/when required

  • Facilitate staff meetings as required


  • Liaise and build relationships with community leaders, organisations, sporting groups endeavouring to foster volunteered time spent with the Georgies programme

  • Maintain open lines of communication with staff, parents, and the children

  • Be the face of Georgies, highly visible and approachable to parents and children

  • Meet 1x per month with the Principal / Deputy Principal

  • Submit weekly rosters to the Principal on the Monday morning of each week

  • Provide a monthly overview of the After School Care programme to the Principal

  • Communicate with the Principal / Deputy Principal immediately regarding any serious behaviour issues or accidents/injuries

Delegated Authority

  • If off work due to illness or holiday, to ensure On Site Supervisor can step in immediately to cover. Ensure appropriate training and written resources are available and up to date at all time

  • If a site Supervisor is off work due to illness or other such event, ensure another site Supervisor can step in immediately to cover.

Functional Relationships

  • Children (ages 5 - 11)

  • Parents/caregivers

  • Georgies staff

  • Principal / Deputy Principal

  • School Board

  • Teaching staff

  • Community leaders

  • After School Care network

It is expected that each staff member will uphold the terms of the George Street Normal School’s Charter, policies and procedures and Code of Conduct