Enrolment Information & Forms

The George Street Normal School Board thanks you for your interest in our school and invites applications from parents who wish to enrol their children at George Street Normal School.

George Street Normal School is governed by an enrolment scheme. The enrolment of out of zone students is governed by the provisions of the Education and Training Act 2020. The School Board has determined there is likely to be places in the following year group for out of zone students in 2022.

Year 1 - 33 spaces

Year 2 - 10 spaces

Year 3 - 15 spaces

Year 4 - 10 spaces

Year 5 - 4 spaces

Year 6 - 20 spaces

If you live in the home zone of George Street Normal School (GSNS), your child has automatic right of entry. If you plan to enrol your child at GSNS in 2021 but have not yet signalled this to the school, please contact the school office immediately (office@georgestreet.school.nz)

Applications from parents who wish to enrol New Entrant children who turn 5 between 1 January and 30 June 2022 close on 15 September 2021. If your New Entrant child turns 5 between 1 July and 31 December 2022, applications close on 1 March 2022. If you miss these dates, please contact the school directly as there may be spaces available. Applications for year 2 - year 6 students are open as per the details on the school website.

If the number of out-of-zone applications exceeds the number of paces available, students will be selected according to the set criteria and ballot results. If the number of out-of-zone applicants does not exceed the number of places available, children will be enrolled on a first in first served until our maximum roll is achieved.

Please see further down the page enrolment forms and application closing dates.

Ngā manaakitanga

Robyn Wood

Principal / Tumuaki

To download the forms you need, please click on the buttons below and email to the school office once completed.