Georgies Before/After School Care

Head Supervisor:   Karen Brown 

Contact details:      Phone 474 0825 ext 715

                                 Senior Georgies  021 262 9919


The George Street Normal School Board provides before school and after school activity programmes for children enrolled at George Street Normal School.


Please note the following:

1. Georgies is under the direct control of George Street Normal School and provides the following services for the children attending our school:


Early Bird Georgies:

            -  $10.00 per child per day arriving before 8.15am

            -  $8.00 per morning per pupil for 2 or more children from one family

            -  $4.00 per child arriving after 8.15am. Younger children are delivered to their classrooms by the                          supervisor from 8.30am onwards


Georgies After School Programme:


2. Georgies before school and after school are OSCAR accredited allowing parents to receive a subsidy from Work and Income New Zealand. Information about the subsidy is available from the school office (


3. All payments for Georgies must be made in advance of every booked session. Fees can be paid at the school office or by direct credit into our school bank account 02 0912 0320963 002. Please ensure you include your child’s name and Georgies in the details. 


4. Georgies before school and after school enrolments and bookings can be made at 

5.  Please ensure your child/ren are booking in as early as possible before the service is required as we are required to provide correct staff/child ratios for health and safety purposes.  If you urgently require a same day booking, please contact the school office (474 0825) to ensure there is space available.  

6. Enquiries for any of the Georgies programmes can be made at the school office or by emailing