The School Board

The George Street Normal School Board holds monthly meetings which include curriculum reports, student achievement information, financial and property matters as well as a Principal’s report.

Meetings are usually held on the third Tuesday of each month beginning at 6.00pm in the school staffroom and parents are welcome to attend the open sessions of each meeting.

Download the Strategic Plan Summary here.

In September this year the triennial Board Trustee Elections will be taking place and this is a great opportunity for parents in our community to get involved with our school at a governance level. Over the next few weeks we will be 'posting' up snippets from our current Board members as to what they enjoy about being on the Board. We invite you to have a read of them and to think if this is an area of the school you might be interested in.

Greer Harper - Presiding Member

Been on the Board for 3 years.

I joined the Board when a friend suggested I should a few years ago – I hadn’t thought about it before then but I’m so glad I did as I get a strong sense of satisfaction in having a hand in the decision-making that sees change happen in our school that benefits all of the children and the teachers. On a personal level, I thoroughly enjoy working collaboratively with the other Board members and the school’s leadership – we have interesting, open discussion and debate and I love hearing other’s viewpoints on topics. I also work full time and often I’m unable to help out at school during the day so this gives me a sense of contribution that fits in with my life & family. It’s not always easy, sometimes it requires you to step outside of what would be your preference and go with a decision that you know is going to achieve a better outcome overall, but if you have the ability to think in a holistic, broader sense then this is a great part of the school to get involved with. There is also loads of support and resources available to help you if you’ve never been involved with governance before.

Che O'Neill

Maree McDonald

Ken Orchison

Marwa Nayle

Harald Schwefel

Michele Dakers - Staff Representative

Robyn Wood - Principal / Tumuaki