Engage Self Regulation Activities

The Junior Team at George Street Normal School is piloting a self regulation skills programme facilitated by Engage.  

What is it?

ENGAGE is focused on fostering mokopuna's (young peoples) skills, attitudes, learning dispositions and working theories within a fun play-based approach.  The approach has a strong focus on relationships, working toegther and belonging. 

ENGAGE builds skills within the realm of self-regulation.  Through ako (a reciprocal relationship between child and teacher), mokopuna are learning skills such as turn taking, calming down, focusing, and persisting.  In addition to this they are exposed to positive attitudes such as perspective taking, empathy and calues.  These feed into mokopuna's dispositions, including their learning disposition.    A key focus of ENGAGE is to ensure that mokopuna are ready, willing, and able to join in on the group activities and play, and for the learning that takes place to be lifelong.

The core focus of ENGAGE is to improve mokopuna's self-regulation skills across a broad range of areas encompassing:


Click on the images below to explore the different games/activities.  Many of these games are already being played at school and playing these at home will help your child/ren so that it becomes eaier to transfer these skills to everyday situations.

Practice while it's easy so it 's easy when it's hard!