Our Story

Our Vision

In 2021 considerable engagement was undertaken with our wider School Community, Kaiako and Kaimahi teams. It was team to revision who we are and what we want for our tamariki going forward. As a result we developed a new vision statement:

Think Thrive Create


  • we want our children to be independent thinkers

  • we want our children to be curious about their world and we believe thinking skills can be taught

  • our curriculum is designed specifically to encourage children to learn to think in different ways


  • we want our children to thrive - academically, socially and emotionally

  • we use a Strengths Based philosophy recognising every child has a strength; it is our job to find it and to develop it further

  • we provide lots of different opportunities for children to thrive. These range from offering a huge variety of sports, lunchtime activities and clubs, ICAS exams, O'Matholon, EPro8 etc. We also have a specialist music teacher working with our children each week


  • we want our children to experience the richness of The Arts (e.g. dance, drama, music, Kapa haka) as this feeds directly back to their wellbeing

  • we use Digital devices as a tool, and provide opportunities for our children to be 'producers' and not just consumers when using digital technologies. Opportunities include movie making, programming, using Garage Band to create music etc.

Our Mission

Our new mission statement also tumbled out of our partnering with our community in 2021. This statement represents not on who we are now, but who we will be in the years to come.

Weaving diversity, strengths and values into meaningful learning

Our Logo

Our logo is really special to us as it tells a story about our school. It has yet to be 'cemented' as this will form part of our 'unpacking' mahi throughout the year so that it becomes 'our' shared story.

We will update this as the 'story' unfolds.