Middle Team 

Megan Greer (BEd Teaching Primary)

Email contact:  megan@georgestreet.school.nz

Megan is our fantastic Middle Team Leader.  Having taught in several schools, Megan brings her vast experience to the Middle Team.  She enjoys working alongside the wonderful teachers of the Middle Team to create fun and meaningful learning experiences for the students in the team.  She welcomes everyone into her class in a warm and friendly way.  She has strengths in Literacy and Numeracy and loves to bring her passion for Visual Art and Digital Technology into her classroom programme.  Megan is released on Wednesdays to attend Leadership meetings.  

Bex Brown  (BEd (Primary)) - Rooms 10 & 14

Email contact:  bex.brown@georgestreet.school.nz

Bex loves teaching and learning!  She feels very privileged to be able to work with children and to support them to reach their full potential. Bex enjoys teaching all areas of the curriculum with a particular interest and passion for the Arts and PE. She teaches in Room 14 on Wednesdays and in Rooms 10 on a Thursday morning.  Bex is looking forward to learning about and celebrating the diverse cultures in our school and working with children who are learning English as a second language.

Claire Harper (BEd, DipTchg) - Room 1

Email contact:  claireh@georgestreet.school.nz

Claire is passionate about teaching in primary education and supporting children to have a 'growth mindset' in their learning. She enjoys teaching all areas of the curriculum with a particular interest in maths and inquiry. She team teaches in Room 13 for three days a week (Monday - Wednesday) and is an Across Schools Teacher for our Kāhui āko for 2 days. Claire is also the curriculum leader for mathematics in our school.  

Hazel Astley (MTchgLn (Primary), BA)- Room 1

Email contact:  hazel@georgestreet.school.nz

Trina Wood (BA, DipTchg) - Room 10

Email contact:  trina@georgestreet.school.nz

Trina welcomes her children each day with a lovely friendly smile.  She is Reading Recovery trained and has strengths in literacy and numeracy.  Trina has a passion for art which she loves to share with her students as well as digital technology.

Leonie Spencer (BA, BEd, Grad Cert TEAL) - Room 11

Email contact:  leonie@georgestreet.school.nz

Leonie enjoys getting to know each child and their whānau. She values children’s individuality and cultural diversity and aims to make them proud of who they are. She encourages teamwork and cooperation, assisting the development of people skills. Leonie has strengths in social sciences, literacy and Te Reo Māori. She is constantly up-skilling her knowledge of Te Reo.  Leonie shares teaching in room 11 with Linda King and teaches on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and alternate Fridays. Leonie is also one of the Te Ao Māori leaders in our school. 

Linda King (BEd) - Room 11

Email contact:  linda@georgestreet.school.nz

Linda is an experienced and enthusiastic teacher who believes in forming positive relationships with all her students.  She has strengths in numeracy and literacy and wants to install a love of learning in her classroom.  Linda is passionate about music and the performing arts and also takes one of our school choir groups.  Linda shares teaching room 10 with Leonie Spencer and teaches on Mondays, Thursdays and alternating Fridays. 

Kate McCracken - Teaching Assistant

Kate is passionate about learning and helping children to learn.  She loves the diverse cultures in our school and enjoys working with children who are learning English as a second language.  Kate is trained in English language learning and has spent the past 2 years studying Te Reo at Te Wānanga o Aotearoa.  

Meg Schlaadt - Teaching Assistant

Meg is a senior supervisor at Georgies.  She enjoys working with children and encouraging them to be the best they can beMeg is well known with our children and is a great asset to our Teacher Aide team.

Natalya Lally- Teaching Assistant 

Natalya recently joined George Street Normal and loves working with children.  She is incredibly positive and develops strong relationships with ākonga through her warm personable approach.  

Sophia Moore - Teaching Assistant 

Sophia is a very motivated, diligent and hardworking member of our middle team teacher assistant team.  She believes that a job worth doing, is a job worth doing well.  She has a passion for sports activities and enjoys coaching opportunities.  

Petra Pritchard - Teaching Assistant (B.F.A, P.G.DipOE, M.Phys.Ed, Cert 4 in SLD)

Petra enjoys the reciprocal connections between learner and educator.  She uses multi-sensory teaching strategies to support students educational outcomes.  As a Teacher Assistant in the Junior Models classroom, she supports students with English as a Second Language (ESL), and students with Specific Learning Disabilities.

Michelle Whelan - Teaching Assistant

Michelle qualified as an English Learner Assistant in 2010. She loves working with the children in all areas of the curriculum. Children enjoy working with her as she has a friendly personality and establishes a strong rapport with them.