Middle Team

Megan Greer - Middle Team Leader - Room 14

Email contact: megan@georgestreet.school.nz

Megan teaches in room 14 and is also our fantastic Middle Team Leader. She welcomes everyone into her class in a warm and friendly way. She has strengths in literacy and numeracy and loves to bring her passion for visual art and digital technology into her classroom programme.

Jessica Lovell (BEd) - Room 14

Jess has taught in a variety of school settings and is experienced working with students from all walks of life and believes the key to a successful year is developing strong relationships with students and their whānau. She is passionate about Science and The Outdoors and loves to integrate these into her classroom programme. Jess enjoys all aspects of teaching and learning but has strengths in teaching literacy and numeracy. Jess teaches in Room 14 on Wednesday's while Megan is on leadership release.

Email contact: jess@georgestreet.school.nz

Claire Harper (BEd, DipTchg) - Room 13

Email contact: claireh@georgestreet.school.nz

Claire has taught in a number of schools both in New Zealand and around the world and is a very adaptable teacher having taught from year 2 to year 8. She is passionate about encouraging all of her learners to reach their potential. She values the whole person and forms positive relationships with her students and their families. Claire's classroom program focuses on developing the skills of collaboration, creativity, communication and critical thinking. She enjoys teaching all areas of the curriculum with particular interest in maths, inquiry and the arts (particularly dance and visual arts).

Trina Wood (BA, DipTchg) - Room 10

Email contact: trina@georgestreet.school.nz

Trina welcomes her children each day with a lovely friendly smile. She is Reading Recovery trained and has strengths in literacy and numeracy. Trina has a passion for art which she loves to share with her students as well as digital technology.

Leonie Spencer (BA, BEd) - Room 11

Email contact: leonie@georgestreet.school.nz

Leonie enjoys getting to know each child and their whānau. She values children’s individuality and cultural diversity and aims to make them proud of who they are. She encourages teamwork and cooperation, assisting the development of people skills. Leonie has strengths in social sciences, literacy and Te Reo Māori. She is currently up-skilling her Te Reo and is working towards a certificate in Teaching English as an Additional Language. Leonie shares teaching in room 10 with Linda King.

Linda King (BEd) - Room 11

Email contact: linda@georgestreet.school.nz

Linda is an experienced and enthusiastic teacher who believes in forming positive relationships with all her students. She has strengths in numeracy and literacy and wants to install a love of learning in her classroom. Linda is passionate about music and the performing arts and also takes one of our school choir groups. Linda shares teaching room 10 with Leonie Spencer.

Kate McCracken - Teaching Assistant

Kate is passionate about learning and helping children to learn. She loves the diverse cultures in our school and enjoys working with children who are learning English as a second language. Kate is trained in English language learning and has spent the past 2 years studying Te Reo at Te Wānanga o Aotearoa.

Hannah Pearson - Teaching Assistant

Hannah works in our middle team and models team. She is a trained primary teacher but has found her passion supporting individual children on their educational journey. She has spent the past year studying inclusive education and has a special interest in autism. Hannah believes that a smile can go a long way and helps her to build relationships and be the best educator she can be!